Congrats! Thank you so much for considering me, Steve Crawford of Steve The Home Inspector, LLC.

First of all I want you to know, I take my job seriously, because you are looking to make a serious investment, in a place you love.

That’s why I offer a very high quality and most complete inspection.

  • I invest in the latest, best tools and technology, so I can see more, and form better opinions, based on more reliable findings!

  • I deliver a most thorough, easy-to-read Report, in 48 hours, with photos and details of any issues discovered.

  • I will also help you better understand how the house works and how to care for it, so the home you LOVE will LOVE you back!

FREE! with every Inspection!

The Steve The Home Inspector Home Maintenance Manual.

I strive to deliver a High Quality Inspection, while Saving You Money, Time and Headaches!

Here’s how:

I am trained, knowledgeable and committed to continuing education, but I don’t know everything and never will. At the same time, I want you to have all the important information you need. So, if something stumps me during an inspection, I research the answer and put it in your Report.

When necessary. I reach out to my network of professionals: Master Plumber, General Contractor, Home Builder, Master Electrician, HVAC Specialist, Septic/Sewer Specialist and more. I send them photos, answer their questions and get their professional opinion. I put that professional opinion in your Report.

Here’s what I don’t do:

Most inspectors put this in your report and move on: “I recommend further evaluation and possible repair by a Qualified Professional”.

What? Huh? What are you supposed to do with that comment? Do you need to find someone to inspect it again? and within your inspection contingency window? I have seen Reports where this is the most common comment in the Report. If the Client took this advice, there would be no time to get all of those re-inspections done on time and probably no money left to buy the house!

Your Inspection

I get more done for you in a single appointment, because I understand what you are up against.

For example: I offer an Air Quality Survey, using a high-tech Meter that gives us real-time readings, during the Inspection. For $95 we will get a great idea of what bad things (if any) are in your home’s air, which is what really matters.

If the Air Quality survey indicates probability of a mold issue, of course, a remediation contractor will be needed; just not another inspector. These Mold Sampling Inspectors average $648 just for the sampling, and are often scheduled, with no evidence from the Home Inspection that Mold may be an issue.

With my Air Quality Survey device, you spend $95 (not $648) and know immediately whether or not a Mold remediation is a good idea or not.

I welcome and encourage you to accompany me on the inspection.

Ask questions along the way. We will review my findings at the end of the inspection. You will learn my professional opinion on what needs to be fixed now and what to anticipate.

I will leave you with valuable insight and tangible resources, on how to maintain and monitor specific systems and components of the property. I will help you to better understand how the place works and how to care for it, so the Home you Love, will Love you back!


  • Buyer’s Inspections

  • Seller’s Inspections

  • Builder Warranty Inspections

  • Radon Testing

  • Mold Inspection

  • WDO (Insects) Inspection

  • Air Quality Surveys

  • Oil Tank Sweep

  • Thermal Imaging

Three different screens displaying the Spectora software

The Final Report

FINALLY, You will grab the final Report from the Link I send you and with your Real Estate Professional and/or Attorney, you will then decide whether to negotiate any issues with the seller.

In the end, you must know that every property, old or brand new has issues and/or will have issues. Welcome to Home Ownership! It could be the best investment you will ever make, especially if you contribute to it’s success.

Thank you for trusting me as your home inspector. I love what I do!

About Steve The Home Inspector

  • New Jersey Licensed and Insured Professional Home Inspector #GI2400198200
  • American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Member #268115
  • InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) Certified Professional Home Inspector #NACHI20092222
  • Background Verified Inspector (ASHI)

I follow the InterNACHI Code of Ethics. I perform Home Inspections in close keeping with the Standards of Practice, as established by ASHI, InterNACHI and New Jersey. This is a non-invasive inspection of readily accessible installed systems and components of the home, that are operable with normal homeowner controls, visually observable, and deemed safe to inspect, by the Inspector, at the time of the inspection. Note: This is largely the accepted definition of a home inspection, in the U.S.A.

Proudly Serving New Jersey including:

  • Bergen
  • Passaic
  • Morris
  • Essex
  • Hudson
  • Union
  • Hunterdon
  • Somerset
  • Middlesex
  • Monmouth


Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

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